Caroline Hickson

About the business

Little Grey Wolf is all about textiles and the story the timeless designs on fabric express. Most of the products are produced with my own hand block printed fabric which show its own unique characteristic. When you choose to purchase a Little Grey Wolf product you should know that it has been lovingly created by hand in my studio in Cape Town.

About the designer & maker

Caro Hickson, founder and owner, studied textile art in school and after working in a fast paced corporate business for over 6 years decided to pick up the skills she really enjoyed learning and developing to start Little Grey Wolf in 2015. The very first product she designed was a handy pouch made using Shweshwe, a traditional South African fabric. To this day it is still a bestseller in shops around Cape Town.

Ethics and practices

A strong focus is sourcing supplies from local businesses in Cape Town and South Africa. I source natural fabrics like cotton and linen and use local producers for product trimmings.

I have a low impact approach to materials and practices. Our packaging is recyclable and reused from other businesses packaging. 


My businesses was founded on the basis of having a creative outlet, but it has become so much more than that. Every product is designed with you in mind, how the product will be a benefit to you and fit perfectly into your lifestyle. Each design is made with quality, care and attention to detail.

If you would like to know more about the Little Grey Wolf story please feel free to contact me.